My name is Fabián Casas and I was born in the barrio of Boedo in 1965. I published several poem books, very slim, that were later compiled in one volume by Emecé publishers under the name Horla City, all of them, in 2010. I also published Ocio (a meek novel) in 2000 and Los lemmings y otros, a collection of short stories published by Santiago Arcos (there are also editions in Spain, Bolivia and Chile). Sometime in 2000 I began writing short essays whose first volume came out through Emecé with the name Ensayos Bonsai, in 2007. The second volume, this year, by Santiago Arcos titled: Breves apuntes de autoayuda.
In Germany, I won the Anna Seghers Prize and participated in the international writers’ program of the city of Iowa, USA. I don’t write much, I read all day and have been doing karate in the morning for years. I am a blue belt.