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A literary and cultural celebration

Literature is one of the most noteworthy expressions of FIL. About 2,000 writers of international stature have taken part in this forum, open to reading and critical thought. Participants have included Martin Amis, Juan José Arreola, Margaret Atwood, Alessandro Baricco, Fernando del Paso, Carlos Fuentes, Gabriel García Márquez, William Golding, Jabbar Yassin Hussin, Toni Morrison, Álvaro Mutis, Goran Petrovic, Gonzalo Rojas, Salman Rushdie, José Saramago, Fernando Savater, William Styron, Mario Vargas Llosa, among many others.

Fostering the contact with books, a fundamental objective of FIL, takes place through a variety of programs developed for visitors, offering over 600 hours of activities: FIL Children’s Program workshops; meetings with writers and students at FIL Youth; The Pleasure of Reading, a program that encourages a dialogue between writers and readers; book presentations, many of which are carried out through the voice of the readers themselves in the format of The Readers Present, as well as different literary readings and conferences.

As part of its promotional efforts, FIL has established important acknowledgments that are recognized throughout the Spanish-speaking world. Each year their importance is confirmed through awards presented for literary quality, publishing merit, architecture, book trade, bibliophilism and cultural journalism. In addition, FIL features a Guest of Honor that year after year offers a 9day opportunity to approach its culture through a lengthy program that makes up one of the most important cultural gatherings in Latin America, where music, dance, visual arts and theatre share the spot light with literature.

FIL's academic program is an important vehicle for knowledge: scholars, intellectuals, and students at all levels meet and take part in conferences, round tables, and seminars that focus on the most important issues faced by the world today.

Prior to FIL

Throughout the calendar year, FIL organizes a series of activities to promote books and reading:


For further information: contact Events and prizes coordinator, Laura Niembro,  (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 937.