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The Pleasure of Reading

Authors who participated in:
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"You'll never be a writer
if you don't read voraciously"

Mayra Montero

FIL Guadalajara's The Pleasure of Reading program is the ideal forum that brings together the two fundamental parts of the reading experience: writers and readers.

In one room, writers and intellectuals come together with a public interested in learning about how they became readers. Poets, narrators, short story writers and lovers of literature talk freely and relaxed about their experience as readers, about the books that have accompanied them throughout their lives, their reading habits… in sum, their literary philias and phobias. Reading is desacralized and the speaker becomes a confident, as a guide for this broad segment of the population that feels lost in the literary world.

The Pleasure of Reading is, most of all, a program to encourage reading that attempts to extend the love of books to a public that year after year comes to FIL. Fifteen years from its creation, over 150 people have taken part of this forum.

For further information: contact with Daniela Ascencio, (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 937. the Contents Management