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Nava de León Pedro Eduardo
Libros Nave
Gerente general
Tampico, Mexico
Growing company; at the forefront of books and committed to the general public and wholesale sales.

Nawy Behar Mario
Librerías Gandhi
Director general
México, Mexico
It is a company that specializes on commercializing books, music, movies, educational materials and accessories.

Nordemann Guelfi María Beatríz
Miguel Concha
Gerente general
Santiago, Chile
Family enterprise, founded in the year 1974 by the gentleman Michael Concha Caldera, businessman with vast path in the world of the books. Their department of imports is in permanent contact with the best publishing houses of North America, South America and Europe, to keep our clients informed about the innovations published worldwide.

Navarrete Celene
L.A. Librería
Santa Monica, USA
They sell and promote children and youth's Spanish literature in California through book fairs in schools, cultural events and the online store. Their catalog catalog includes hundreds of carefully selected titles from renowned Iberoamerican publishers that are distributed in schools, libraries, museums and the general public.

Negrón Alvarado María de Lourdes
Toa Baja, Puerto Rico
A company dedicated to selling and distributing texts and educational materials to the Department of Education of the Puerto Rican Government.

Neyra Dehesa Darinka Eliette
Wiser Education
Directora de administración
México, Mexico
Mexican company dedicated to the distribution of books, metrial and technology education at all business. Design methodology courses for English language teaching. Business consultant for promotion of foreign publishers in Mexican territory.

Noda Octavio
Noda Audio Visual
Lovelland, USA
Distributor of DVDs and CD-ROMs in spanish serving public, schools and universities libraries since 1971. Their inventory includes the best motion pictures, classics, documentaries and children films. The CD-ROM selection is educational and informative, ideal for the classrooms.

Novales Pérez Gabriela
Super Librerías Tauro
México, Mexico
Buy and sell children's and youth's books, and also literature in English.

Nuñez Matías Roberto
Alfagrama Ediciones
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Specialized company in the publication and distribution of books in library, archival, conservation, education. It has the most complete catalog of these subjects in Spanish.

Nuñez Arias Ricardo Salvador
Grupo Lypro
Gerente de sucursal Reynosa
Reynosa, Mexico
Authorized distributors of domestic and foreign publishers. Backed by 16 years experience and corporate mission to provide quality equipment for educational institutions makes the perfect choice. They are leaders in the state of Tamaulipas.
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