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Nawy Behar Mario
Librerías Gandhi
Director general
México, Mexico
It is a company that specializes on commercializing books, music, movies, educational materials and accessories.

Nordemann Guelfi María Beatríz
Miguel Concha
Gerente general
Santiago, Chile
A book distribution and import company in the Chilean market since 1974. It specializes in study, reference and technical books. Its customers are professionals from different areas, university students and professional institutes.

Novales Pérez Gabriela
Super Librerías Tauro
México, Mexico
Buy and sell children's and youth's books, and also literature in English.

Naranjo Llanos María Catalina
Grupo Latino Editores
Gerente comercial
Bogotá, Colombia
Sells, acquisitions, publishing and distribution of books.

Navarrete Celene
L.A. Librería
Santa Monica, USA
They sell and promote children and youth's Spanish literature in California through book fairs in schools, cultural events and the online store. Their catalog catalog includes hundreds of carefully selected titles from renowned Iberoamerican publishers that are distributed in schools, libraries, museums and the general public.

Negrón Alvarado María de Lourdes
Dorado, Puerto Rico
A company dedicated to selling and distributing texts and educational materials to the Department of Education of the Puerto Rican Government.

Neyra Dehesa Darinka Eliette
Wiser Education
Relaciones públicas
México, Mexico
Mexican company dedicated to the distribution of books, metrial and technology education at all business. Design methodology courses for English language teaching. Business consultant for promotion of foreign publishers in Mexican territory.

Nieto Sánchez Janeth
Consultor de producto y contenido
México, Mexico
A database that allows you to search for legal information you need from a single search engine. It doesn't matter what content you are looking for, nor which country you are in. It will preform your search and with its advanced algorithms, it will reveal the most relevant information.

Navarro Salazar Judith
Texere Editores
Directora editorial
Zacatecas, Mexico
Independent publishing house, committed to producing books and magazines with the highest quality standards. Started in 2009, aimed at academic research publications; now also promotes a literary line focused on curious readers who are interested in approaching proposals that reconcile quality and novelty.

Nevárez Suárez Alejandra
Textofilia Ediciones
Directora editorial infantil y juvenil
México, Mexico
Publishing house that conceives reading as a pleasure. The catalogue consists of Mexican literature, international authors and children and young adult books.
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