Preregistration form - ALA free pass program

Submission deadline: September 9th, 2016

The ALA Free Pass program is available to all ALA-member acquisition or selection librarians, in particular those involved in Latin American collection development.

ALA Free Pass program will provide:

  • $100 USD contribution for airfare, courtesy of ALA.
  • 3 nights at the Guadalajara Plaza Ejecutivo López Mateos Hotel, breakfast included (or 6 nights sharing a room with a colleague) courtesy of FIL
  • FIL 2016 registration fee
  • • Additional $100 USD or $1600 Mexican pesos reimbursement towards airfare costs, courtesy of FIL (for the first 100 registrations who send their purchased ticket BEFORE OCTOBER 2nd)
  • ALA FIL Gala Dinner (provided by the sponsorship of publishers and distributors)

Applicants to the Free Pass Program must be personal and active members of ALA. For ALA membership information, please contact: ALA International Relations Office, Delin Guerra by tel.: 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3201, e-mail:

Places are limited and subject to availability. FIL will confirm your support in writing. If you don’t receive this, contact us by e-mail.

1. Personal information
Last name(s): Name(s):
Gender: Position:
Individual ALA Membership Number: Name of your library:
Institution/Co. Address:
City: State:
Country: Zip Code:
Phone:   E-mail:
E-mail 2 (optional):   Internet address: 
Have you attended FIL?
Yes. Which years? No
Your library is:
Public Private State University
Other, specify:
Total number of titles: Percent of Spanish titles: %
Please specify the type of the Hispanic community in your area
Caribbean Central American Mexican Puerto Rican
South American: Other specify:
Are you the person authorized to spend the budget?
Yes If not, who is?
Please specify the budget you are authorized to spend annually for the purchase of Spanish language books:
 $ USD And in FIL Guadalajara $ USD
Please specify the Mexican and Latin American publishing companies you already work with:
Publisher: Country:
Please specify the Latin American and U.S. distributors you already work with:
Book distributor: Country:
Are you planning to attend the ALA FIL Gala Dinner? Yes No
Hotel accommodations
Arrival date   Departure
November 26 November 27
November 28 November 29 November 30 December 01 December 02 December 03
If you would like to extend your stay in this same hotel, please indicate here and FIL will make your reservation. Extra nights are at your expense; we have a special hotel rate only for ALA participants:
I want a single room I need someone to share a room (FIL will designate a roommate) I want to share a room with
Last Name: First Name:
Institution / Co.:  E-mail:
This person must be an ALA Free Pass Program selected librarian. If this person does not subscribe on time or cancels his/hers participation, FIL will assign a roommate.
Hotel regulations demand that your stay be guaranteed with a credit card, even if FIL covers three nights.
Credit card (select an option)
American Express Visa MasterCard
Cardholder:  Card number: 
Valid thru:  Security code (American Express' security code: four digits on front of the card): 

FIL will only pay for the nights specified; if you wish to change your arrival or departure dates later on, or if you need to cancel, you must inform in writing by October 30 to
The information requested below is optional, and will be used for statistical purposes only and to send a letter to your supervisor, if desired. It will not affect the consideration of your application in any way.
Please provide us with the name, position and complete mailing address of the library director/supervisor in order to send a letter of congratulations from ALA.
Will you be granted paid leave to attend the Book Fair, or are you required to take vacation time?
Will your institution/library provide you with financial support to pay for those expenses not covered by the Free Pass Program?
I am applying to the ALA Free Pass Program and I certify that the above information is true and correct.
As a participant in the ALA/FIL Free Pass Program, I understand that ALA is facilitating the trip by contributing $100 USD as an accommodation to me and the other participants and I agree to waive and hold ALA and its agents harmless against any and all liability, damages, claims, costs or expenses (including attorneys’ fees) incurred as a result of or in connection with my participation in the Guadalajara International Book Fair.


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