Personnel hiring registration form

The FIL provides access to a talent bank for hiring personnel to work at your stand in accordance with the following conditions:

Half day 6 hours

Wage: MXN 250/day paid directly to the employee

Full day Eleven hours and 1 hour break

Wage: MXN 500/day paid directly to the employee

Please keep in mind that it the personnel hired are not registered with the Mexican tax authority and cannot provide an official invoice or receipt

The FIL cannot issue an official invoice or receipt for personnel hired through the job exchange

For safety reasons, you must purchase life and major medical expense insurance policies pursuant to point 3.17 of the Exhibitors Regulations

Deadline: October 29, 2021


Please indicate the profile of the personnel you would like to hire

The FIL will provide confirmation in writing for all personnel requests regarding the availability of individuals matching the profile indicated.

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