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Destinação Brasil

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For all those avid readers looking to discover new stories and who expect new surprises from the FIL each year and book professionals looking for business opportunities, your destination is Brazil. Destinação Brasil attendees will learn about the contrasting and contradictory sides of Brazil. They will be taken on a literary tour of this enormous country, of which is so little is known throughout the rest of the continent.

With Destinação Brasil, we continue to build a bridge between Brazilian literature and the rest of the continent. The Guadalajara International Book Fair continues to share Brazil’s new literary stars and acclaimed authors, who are still little-known outside of their country, with the Hispanic America. This FIL Guadalajara initiative would not have been possible without the efforts of Brazil Embassy in Mexico, the São Paulo Prize for Literature, and the Brazilian Book Chamber (Camara Brasileira do Livro).


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Programs in Other Languages, Itzel Sánchez at the phone number (+52) 33 3810 0331, ext. 905