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Salón del Cómic + Novela Gráfica #LeemosCómics

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After 2 years of absence due to the pandemic, the Guadalajara International Book Fair will hold the Salón del Comic + Novela Gráfica, from Thursday, December 1 to Sunday, December 4. In this 340-square-meter space, located in corridors GG and HH of the FIL International Area, the offer of publishers and artists from Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Chile, Spain, France, Peru and Mexico will be concentrated in 38 stands. And various activities related to the world of sequential art will be carried out.

Activities program:

The Comic + Graphic Novel Exhibition will once again have a room called Foro Rius del Salón del Cómic, where more than 40 activities will be carried out, including presentations and talks. The program includes the participation of various Latin American, Canadian, French and Spanish creators, including the Mexicans Changos Perros, Javier Gutiérrez, Cuervoscuro, Idalia Candelas, Pavel Ortega, Joshua Hernández and Sergio Ríos; the Spanish Anabel Colazo and Bàrbara Alca; the Chileans Nati Chuleta, Luis Saavedra and Francisco Inostroza, the Peruvian Jessica Quispe and the French Nine Antico.
The program highlights the inauguration of Salón del Cómic by the Casa del Autor de Zapopan with the theme "synergy between creators and comics", the award ceremony for the fourth Pura Pinche Fortaleza graphic novel contest in which the Pura Pinche Fortaleza publishing house in collaboration with the FIL Guadalajara, they will publish the work Shanik by the winning author Jorge Alberto Magallón. In addition, it will feature presentations of works by independent authors: Koatl el Defensor by Yair Artz, Matador, by Panelismo, How does it feel to be an adult autistic?, by Alejandra Aceves; Infinite Codex 6, by Fernando García; and Ghosts of my city, by Augusto Mora. Also, there will be graphic novel workshops in the Hall of Illustrators.




Exhibition area:

Visitors to Salón del Cómic + Novela Gráfica will find publications from various publishers, in addition to publications from international collectives from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Mexico, as well as an exhibition of Québec graphic novels in the street of illustrators. The exhibitors of this edition are the following:


Company Booth
Academia Brújula Cómics    GG19
 Alfredo Roagui  GG09
 Argentina Gráfica  GG05
 COMAG - Colectivo Mexicano de Autores Gráficos GG08
Corteza Editorial HH28
 Calidad de Línea, Editorial HH26
 Candelas y Punto Libros GG39
 Caramelo Corrosivo / The mountain with teeth / Catalina Novelli GG21
Casa del Autor en Zapopan, La HH24
 ChamacoBooks GG11
 Chipotle, Editorial GG35
 Cohete Cómics  GG03
Códice Infinito / Balam Kin GG41
Cómictlan GG13
 Decomixado Publishing House II19
 DUKEScomics HH34
 DooN Cómics  GG15
 Estudio Paltik / Fantasías para Noctámbulos GG43
Familia Usaka GG37
Fixión Narradores / Sharkius GG29
Gente que Dibuja Colectivo GG32
Historieta Chilena GG07
Company Booth
Hvmberto Garza HH30
Independientes Extraordinarios GG31
Kamite, Editorial (Salón del Cómic)  GG20
Norma Editorial HH1
Mangazoo ¡Cómics pa la banda! GG33
Stand de Mafalda II17
 Marambo Cómix HH32
Mitos y Leyendas GG14
Euskal Irudigilek – Irudika GG1
Panini México, Editorial / Salón del Cómic GG25
Pinku  GG23
Planeta Cómic HH15
Pura Pinche Fortaleza Cómics / Salón del Cómic GG04
Quintessence, Editorial  GG12
Sanborns Hermanos / Salón del Cómic GG02
Soulkeepers Comic - Salón del Cómic GG10
Syanne GG18
The comics net GG45
TigerLion Moikana GG16
UffiziArts  GG17
Valerio Vega GG06


Fábrica de Cómics (Comics Factory)


Thank you:

For further information, contact:

Exhibitors and Professionals coordinator, Armando M. de Santiago at the phone number (+52) 33 3810 0331, ext.919