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Making books come alive digitally: all about interactive picture books


Double Bologna Ragazzi winners, Danish digital publishing house, Step In Books, will share their insights into the magic world of digital, interactive children’s books. Come, hear their story, learn their tricks, try their challenges and meet their surprise guests. And leave much wiser on the pro’s and con’s of adding an app to your book

Capacity limited


  • who are we
  • what did we do
  • A brief overview of interactive digital stories for kids
    Wuwu & Co.
  • story of
  • how
  • then came the reviews..
  • ..the awards..
  • ..but no sales!
    We try Wuwu & Co. and talk about pros and cons with this project.
  • artistic approach
  • handmade digital
    Surprise guest
  • How is it for an established illustrator to work on a digital project with developers
  • Advantages for digital and traditional illustrations
  • What we thought we had learned
  • What we wanted to learn and what we actually learned
  • App can only work if there is also a book?
  • What about AR?
    After Mur - what has happened?
  • A brief sum-up on the newer titles of interactive digital titles for kids
  • New tendencies in tech and business
  • What else could VR be used for
  • Will it ever become a household gadget
  • How do we see the future of interactive digital content for kids
  • Is there a business model for this
  • How will Step In Books ride the waves
  • General QnA.



For further information contact:

Professionals Coordinator, Rubén Padilla at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 915