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International Librarian Symposium

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Librarians: New Competencies, New Skills.

After more than three decades since the first International Librarian Symposium, libraries have become dynamic entities that research current needs and forecast future ones in order to quickly adapt themselves and provide concrete and opportune answers. From the beginning, this symposium has distinguished itself for being an academic event in which professionals share their experiences, and consider needs, approaches, and policies that allow the ongoing development of the library, the librarian, the user and the information.

The professionalization of librarians has brought about a change in the tertiary training panorama for workers in information service organizations. The increase and diversification of the services and resources currently offered by libraries must guarantee the quality and visibility of the field’s new professional profiles. The objective of this year’s symposium is to analyze, from multiple perspectives, the type of librarian training that a professional in this area must possess in light of the new competencies and abilities that information sciences demand from workers in information service organizations.

Some of the topics that will be dealt with in this year’s program include:

  • Open access
  • Library
  • Librarians and the general public
  • Competencies
  • Copyright
  • Diversity
  • Education
  • Training
  • Inclusion
  • Information
  • Internet
  • Marketing
  • Policies
  • Privacy
  • Social responsibility
  • Healthy society
  • Tolerance
  • University
  • Users


2017 Program

Monday november 27

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

09:00 a 09:30



09:40 a 10:40

Keynote Address

Participant: María Aurora Cuevas Cerveró


10:40 a 12:10

Round Table: Librarians: Perspectives and Training

Participant: Antonio Ruíz Mariscal, Sandra Fernández Hernández , Patricia Hernández Salazar

Moderator: Ana Irene Ramírez González


12:30 a 13:50

Round Table: Information Services for a Healthy Society

Participant: Ma. Lourdes Tiscareño Arroyo, Eduardo Pablo Giordanino , José de Jesús Cortés Vera

Moderator: Manuel Bernal Coronel


Tuesday november 28

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

09:00 a 10:00

Keynote Address

Participant: José Adolfo Rodríguez Gallardo


10:10 a 11:50

Round Table: Diversity and Tolerance from the Library

Participant: Amanda Weber , Martha Delia Castro Montoya , Yolanda Gayol de Pallán , César Augusto Ramírez Velázquez

Moderator: Araceli Medina Chávez


12:10 a 13:50

Round Table: Information: Privacy and Free Access

Participant: José Alfredo Vital Ramírez, Ricardo Villegas Tovar, Nora Ledis Quiroz Gil, Kris Kasianovitz

Moderator: José Francisco López Guajardo


Wednesday november 29

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

09:00 a 10:20

Keynote Address

Participant: Gloria Ponjuán Dante


10:20 a 10:40

General Address

Participant: Claudia Pérez Aguilar


10:40 a 11:10

XXXI International Librarian Symposium Closing Ceremony



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