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Annual International Publishing Design Forum

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This year’s International Publishing Design Forum, now in its fourth year, will include specialized round tables, conferences and workshops aimed at publishing designers, graphic designers, editors, illustrators and students who are interested in learning more about the trade of publishing design trade. This program is organized by FIL Guadalajara in conjunction with the Universidad Anáhuac México. Its goal is to analyze various topics that spark discussion and thought, enable participants to understand the role of the publishing designer within the industry, learn about tools of the trade and the most effective practices for obtaining optimal results, as well as understand specific publishing products. Experts from various countries will share their experiences, discuss topics together, and answer participants’ questions.

This year, we will talk about the role of the publishing designer in the construction and consolidation of collections within a catalog, and how aesthetics help to reinforce coherence and improve visibility with readers. We will have a round table on the meticulous work of independent children’s publishers. Participants will talk about how they develop each book, from its conception through to is commercial sale.

Another round table will cover periodical publications from both commercial and cultural perspectives, as well as the elements that characterize each one and where they differ. Later, we will talk about the object book. What is it? How is it classified? How to you create an object book? Finally, there will be a round table that will deal with design work carried out for large events. It will analyze how to reconcile the use of a central theme with the use of individual publishing product designs.

We will also offer workshops to participants in the Forum. The workshops will be both practical and theoretical and will take place during the mornings of Tuesday November 28 and Wednesday, November 29.

Spaces are limited


2017 Program

Tuesday november 28

Salón México I, hotel Hilton

16:30 a 17:30

Opening Ceremony

Participant: Francisco Calles


17:30 a 18:50

Developing Collections From An Aesthetic Perspective

Participant: Diana Hernández , Wendolín Perla , Renato Aranda

Moderator: Emiliano Becerril


19:10 a 20:30

Slow Cooking: Independent Children’s Publishing Projects

Participant: André Letria , Mariana Warth , Svein Størksen

Moderator: María Fernanda Paz Castillo


Wednesday november 29

Salón México I, hotel Hilton

16:30 a 17:30

Commercial And Artistic Periodicals

Participant: Alejandra Guerrero , Luzma Díaz de León Reyes

Moderator: Mario Balcázar


17:30 a 18:40

The Object Book: What Is It And How Is It Made?

Participant: César Aníbal Tránsito Leal, Elisabeth Pérez

Moderator: Dani Scharf


19:00 a 20:00

Publishing Design for Large Events

Participant: Dania Guzmán , Andrés Fresneda

Moderator: Abril Castillo




  • Clean Editorial Design: Learning to Put Together Original Mechanics
  • Power to the Cover: The Role of Image in a Good Cover
  • Concentrating on Aesthetics in the Creation of Object Books: A Cabinet of Curiosities

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