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Meeting of Publishers of Literature for Children and Young Adults

The Meeting of Publishers of Literature for Children and Young Adults will be held this year with a program of activities focused on discussing issues related to this important sector of the publishing industry. The FIL Guadalajara invites editors and professionals to attend this event where we will delve into various topics of general interest and close with a conference on the illustrated book.


2017 Program

Wednesday november 29

Salón Mariano Azuela, planta alta, Expo Guadalajara

09:30 a 10:45

Strength in Numbers: Strategic Alliances between Publishers

Participant: Raquel Franco , Pablo Larraguibel , Valia Libenson

Moderator: Rubén Padilla


11:00 a 12:00

Literature and publishing for children and young adults: How can we use books to mitigate social problems?

Participant: Mariana Warth , Socorro Venegas , María Fernanda Paz Castillo

Moderator: Rubén Cortés


12:00 a 13:00

Distant publishing markets: How are children’s books published, produced and sold in other latitudes?

Participant: Lisa Topi , Joanna El Mir , Ivan Fedechko


13:00 a 14:15

Around the world in 32 pages: The art of the picture book today

Participant: Leonard Marcus



For further information contact:

Professionals Coordinator, Rubén Padilla at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 915