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International Publishers and Book Professionals Forum

The Publisher: Education, Environment, and Professional Challenges

The Guadalajara International Book Fair is the best place to engage in discussions, debate ideas, and share experiences among colleagues and experts, as well as analyze the various challenges facing the industry. As part of this, the 16th Annual International Publishers and Book Professionals Forum will examine the role of a key figure in the book production chain: the publisher.

Following a period of uncertainty with the rise of digital publishing, where the concern was focused on the industry’s ability to adapt to new reading formats, the debate now falls to the publisher’s tasks: How has the profession changed? What changes are needed in academic training? How to enhance visibility of publications in the avalanche of content?

One of the round tables will debate the policy changes of Mexico’s strongest trading partner to understand the consequences that will affect Spanish-language book distribution. In other areas, it will look at new strategies and tools that publishers can use to finance products and reach more readers.
One of the topics that most concerns publishers is the distribution, sale, and exhibition of their titles. Marketing and communication experts will share strategies for making books more visible. We will also have a round table to discuss the academic formation of publishers, and how educational programs must change to adapt to current needs.

The publishing panorama is facing great challenges, but also great opportunities for achieving effective results, and continuing education is a key factor for success. By signing up to this program, you can participate in one of our workshops.


2017 Program

Tuesday november 28

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

16:30 a 16:45


Participant: Marisol Schulz Manaut, Carlos Anaya Rosique, Carlo Feltrinelli


16:45 a 17:30

Opening Keynote

Participant: Carlo Feltrinelli


17:30 a 18:30

Mexico-United States Relations in the Trump Era: The Spanish Language Book Panorama

Participant: Tom Payton , Jenny Lizárraga , Jesus Alonso-Regalado

Moderator: Adan Griego


18:45 a 20:00

Crowdfunding, Startups, Social Media: How Do New Publishing Industry Strategies Work (and How to Make the Most of Them)?

Participant: Arantxa Mellado , Aksel Køie , Laura Ceccacci

Moderator: Carina Brandt


Wednesday november 29

Salón de Profesionales, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

16:30 a 17:30

Publisher Education: How Will Education Change to Adapt to Industry Changes?

Participant: Valeria Sorín , Fernando Esteves , Astrid Velasco Montante

Moderator: Sayri Karp Mitastein


17:30 a 18:30

Publishing Marketing and Communication: How to Achieve the Best Possible Visibility

Participant: Tomás Granados Salinas , Lluisa Matarrodona , Mayra González Olvera

Moderator: Rubén Padilla


18:45 a 20:00

The Master Filter: Publishing and Economics for Curating

Participant: Michael Bhaskar





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