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The Guadalajara International Book Fair celebrates its 30th anniversary with a series of forums, seminars, workshops, conferences and colloquiums, in which we will analyze a range of topics relating to every aspect of a book’s production chain.

The publishing industry is an unstoppable force, a result of the complexity that contemplates different countries, and affects all cultures and languages around the world. In this context, the 15th International Publishers and Professionals Forum aims to analyze, among other topics, the publishing process as a whole, the role of the literary agent in today’s world, the creation of content and the importance of bibliodiversity, in order to understand where this industry is heading in line with international trends in a fiercely global world.

The Forum will open with a keynote address from Andrew Wylie, one of the most internationally renowned literary agents, who will speak about the role of the agent in today’s world. Wylie is one of the most influential voices, and represents a broad portfolio of authors, hence his participation is highly anticipated.

The dialogue between the publishers Beatriz de Moura, Daniel Divinsky and Marcelo Uribe will look back through thirty years of the publishing world, evaluating the changes they have seen in their experience. After this dialogue, we will have a panel of three young publishers who will debate the traditions, threats and challenges of their profession, within the framework of the structural changes that have taken place over the last two decades.

The Guadalajara International Book Fair has always supported the inclusion of diverse voices, and we will have a panel to discuss independent publishing projects from Ibero-America, with the aim of exposing the rich variety we have in one of the most culturally diverse regions. In addition, the increase in negotiations surrounding copyright in Latin America has led to the creation of new agencies in the region, and we will hear talks from three experts from countries that do not have a long tradition in this profession.

With participation from experts from countries culturally distant from the Spanish language, the Forum will close with a panel that will explore the trends that occur, and how they will affect the publishing industry in the language of Cervantes.



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