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University and Academic Press International Forum

Shifting Paradigms

Guadalajara International Book Fair, in conjunction with the UDG University Press invite other university presses to attend the Eighth Annual University and Academic Press International Forum. This professional development program gives you the opportunity to share ideas, perspectives, and experiences that strengthen your publishing endeavors and boost dynamism in this important sector.

This year, the central theme is “Shifting Paradigms”. We seek to stimulate reflection in underexplored areas such as publishing branding and marketing, which are the main pillars of commercial processes in other sectors of the industry. University and academic presses command valuable funds whose aim is to disseminate knowledge, however their potential is not fully exploited and often these collections are difficult for readers to find. This is why we need this timely discussion to find more effective ways to promote our catalogs.

Our sessions will also include a discussion on how academic debate should prompt public debate; a moment to analyze the evolving processes in university presses; and we will insist on ongoing professional development in the area of rights to strengthen the figure of the university press as a content producer.



2018 Program

Tuesday November 27

Salón México I, hotel Hilton

16:30 a 16:45


Participants: Joaquín Díez-Canedo, Martha Esparza, Sayri Karp


16:45 a 18:00

Conference: Branding: originality, consistency, and impact

Participant: Marcelo Daniel Ghio

Presenter: Joaquín Díez-Canedo


18:15 a 19:30

Academic versus public debate

Participants: Alejandro Dujovne, Delfim Ferreira Leão, Catalina Pérez Correa

Moderator: Catesby Holmes


Wednesday November 28

Salón 2, planta baja, Expo Guadalajara

09:30 a 10:40

Conference: Selling rights: the gateway to the world

Participant: Cristiana Negrão

Presenter: Verónica Mendoza


10:40 a 11:00

LATAM rights catalog launch

Participant: Sayri Karp


11:15 a 12:30

The creation and transformation of the university press

Participants: Julio Paredes, María Teresa D'Meza, Alejandro Cruz Atienza

Moderator: Rubén Padilla


12:30 a 14:00

Conference: Marketing academic publishing

Participant: Rachel Maund

Presenter: Sayri Karp






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