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The World of Perception

Register for the sixth year of our specialized FILlustrates program to participate in activities such as conferences and roundtable discussions for illustrators interested in working in the editorial industry.
In line with this years’ central theme, “The World of Perception”, the program will focus on understanding the process of how our external senses interpret what we perceive to form a conscious impression of our environment.  In this vein we propose the following questions (among many others): How is the illustrator perceived? What is the abstraction of an image, and how does this work? How does the perception of illustrated books change throughout time? How can we address sexuality and eroticism in illustration? What are cultural differences, and how to they affect illustration? To answer these questions, we have invited experts from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Mexico, Norway, Portugal, Taiwan, Uruguay and Venezuela to share their perspectives in each activity.

The program will also include a variety of workshops focusing on different techniques and concepts where you can meet illustrators from around the world. The event offers a unique opportunity to exchange experiences, share ideas, ask questions, and learn new techniques and different ways of working.
Don’t miss your chance to participate in FILlustrates and visit the most important book fair in the Spanish speaking world. You can explore publishing houses to present your portfolio to, attend book presentations, exhibitions, concerts, and walk the aisles of the fair to discover books you won’t find anywhere else.


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  • Botanical Illustration Workshop
  • Illustrated Short Story Workshop
  • Visual Poetry Workshop: A Different Way to Graphically Interpret Poetry
  • Levels of Perception Workshop: How to Employ them in Creating Images
  • Abracadabra Workshop: The Magical Link between Literature and Illustration 
  • Texture on Paper Workshop: Creating a Pocketbook Album with Tactile and Visual Textures
  • Well-Done Drawing Workshop: Suggestions and Tools for Questioning Readers
  • All Paths Lead to Rome Workshop
  • Drawing in a Story Workshop: Creating Silent Books


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Professional registration, Cintia Rodríguez at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 917