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Annual International Translation and Interpretation Conference “San Jerónimo”


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The expanded mind of the translator in continuous update mode

The Mexican Translators Association (OMT) will hold its annual conference on November 25 and 26 in collaboration with the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL). The target audiences are OMT members and the translating and interpreting community in general.

The central theme will be "The expanded mind of the translator in continuous update mode," and in this vein we propose the following as possible points of interest and discussion: continuing education options for translators, the relationship between training and quality; teaching translation and interpreting; the relationship between theory and practice; training in the language skill and in the business aspect; formal education, continuing education vs. personal discipline; the profession and fields related to translation; and there are also other issues of permanent interest such as technology at the service of translators and interpreters; translation in audiovisual and digital media and new frontiers; translation and interpretation in specialized fields; translation history; translation and bilingualism; minority languages, etc.

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