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OMT-FIL Translators Congress


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Translation: an interdisciplinary crossroads

The Mexican Translators Association (OMT) will hold its annual conference during the Guadalajara International Book Fair (FIL). With the FIL as host since 2007, the conference offers a great opportunity to network and explore professional translation opportunities in the publishing world. The main aim of this year’s conference is to open a discussion about the range of practical, professional and social recognition challenges faced by translators and interpreters.

This main theme includes the following topics for debate: translation as an interdisciplinary field; technology for translators and interpreters; translation beyond texts and discourses: audiovisual and digital media and new frontiers; translation and interpreting in specialized areas. Other general topics include: teaching translation, the history of translation, translation and bilingualism, translation and identity, minority languages, migration, etc.


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