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Panel on Literary Translation and Publishing Industry

Everything Publishers Need to Know about Translation

Publishers can tap into new markets and expand sales through translation, but only if it’s done right. This panel of four Spanish and English translators will share tips from their long experience to ensure any translation venture is a literary and sales success. Topics include the following: 1- How to find the right translator 2- What is a good translation? 3- Working with translators 4- Contracts and what’s involved Two native English speaking translators (Lisa Carter, a Spanish>English literary translator with seven publications with major US publishers to her name and Stacy McKenna, a literary translator published in The Other Poetry of Barcelona, Códols in New York, 580 Split, Cerise Press and Río Grande Press as well as a teacher of literary translation at the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro in Mexico) and two native Spanish speaking translators (Paula Arturo, a lawyer-linguist and translator of non-fiction works in jurisprudence, international law and human rights law and Patricia Oliver, a literary translator with publications in Nocturnario, Cuadrivio and el Boletín Editorial at the El Colegio de México) will share their expertise with publishers and editors interested in accessing new language markets and growing sales through foreign rights while understanding how to facilitate working relationships with translators.


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