Training for professionals

Panel of Support Programs for Translation and Publication

Among the offer for professionals, translation support programs will be presented. Created by institutions and organizations that are aimed to promote cultural exchange and the dissemination of letters from other latitudes, these programs are focused on agents, editors and translators, to reinforce collaboration ties and provide, both financial support and advice in the translation of literary works.

This year we will present the translation support of the governments of: Switzerland, Taiwan, Israel, Finland, Balearic Islands, Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil and New Zealand.


2018 Program

Monday November 26

Salón C, Área Internacional, Expo Guadalajara

12:00 a 14:00

Panel of Support Programs for Translation and Publication

Participants: Regula Von Bergen , Shin Su , Nilli Cohen , Tiia Strandén , Karen Müller , Barbara den Ouden , Beste Bal , Luiz Alvaro Salles , Peter Dowling




For further information contact:

Professionals Coordinator, Rubén Padilla at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 915