Books Catalog

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The titles that our exhibitors have on display and sale in the International Book Fair are included in this catalog. This is an additional tool for promotion and search. In 2017, the Catalog included over 120,000 titles from 1,000 publishing houses.

In order to participate it is necessary to submit the required  form by September 20, 2018.


Important to participate:

  1. Only publishing houses with a stand at FIL 2018 can participate.
  2. All information fields are mandatory. No listings will be accepted otherwise.
  3. Check our how-to guide when preparing your listing in order to provide the requested information in the correct format.
  4. It is essential that listings do not have spelling errors.
  5. We will not receive listings in full capital letters.
  6. A maximum of 10,000 titles can be included.
  7. The Books Catalog is available from 9:00 to 21:00 during the fair, and will be available in our website throughout the year.

Check the
2017 Books catalog