By filling out and sending the application form to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or making any payment for the right of use of a STAND, the future EXHIBITOR confirms the acceptance and the obligation to abide by these rules and to be fully aware of their contents.

  • Glossary of Terms
    1. General Rules
    2. The Exhibit Area
    3. Set Up, Installation, Maintenance, Dismantling, and Security
    4. Civil Liabilities
    5. Non-compliance

    Glossary of Terms

    For the purposes of these Regulations, the terms will be defined as follows:

    FIL: The division of the University of Guadalajara known as the Guadalajara International Book Fair.

    THE EVENT: The exhibition known as FIL, or FIL International Book Fair in Guadalajara, or FIL Guadalajara International Book Fair, organized by the University of Guadalajara through FIL.

    ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: The internal board of FIL in charge of organizing the EVENT.

    EXHIBITION CENTER: The facilities where the EVENT takes place, located on Av. Mariano Otero 1499, Colonia Verde Valle, in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

    EXPO GUADALAJARA: The entity in charge of the management of the EXHIBITION CENTER.

    STAND: The physical space located within the EXHIBITION CENTER assigned to the EXHIBITOR and in which the latter has the right to present, exhibit, promote and/or sell their products and/or services to visitors of the EVENT.

    EXHIBITOR AND/OR EXHIBITORS: The physical or moral person, public or private, who acquires from the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE of FIL the right to use a STAND.

    PUBLISHED WORK: The artistic or literary work of one or several people, set into any physical format and protected by the Federal Copyright Law.

    PUBLISHER: The physical or moral entity, public or private, who publishes the PUBLISHED WORK by authority granted by the owner of the PROPERTY RIGHTS of said work, or any other legal title.

    OWNER OF THE PROPERTY RIGHTS: The author, the heir or the acquirer through any title of the PROPERTY RIGHTS of a PUBLISHED WORK.

    PROPERTY RIGHTS: The right to use a PUBLISHED WORK exclusively, or to authorize others to use it in any form, within the limits established by the Federal Law of Copyright in Mexico.