By filling out and sending the application form to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or making any payment for the right of use of a STAND, the future EXHIBITOR confirms the acceptance and the obligation to abide by these rules and to be fully aware of their contents.

  • Glossary of Terms
    1. General Rules
    2. The Exhibit Area
    3. Set Up, Installation, Maintenance, Dismantling, and Security
    4. Civil Liabilities
    5. Non-compliance

    General Rules

    1.1 The STANDS will be assigned by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, taking into consideration the application submitted by the EXHIBITOR. In case the STAND applied for cannot be assigned to the EXHIBITOR, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE may suggest a different one. The EXHIBITOR may accept such a proposal or abstain from participating in the EVENT.

    1.2 Space assignment policies:

    • The companies that participated at the last Edition of the fair will keep their space if they accomplish the payment Schedule. First payment is by May 15, 2020; second payment, June 15 and third payment by August 14.
    • Companies making later payments to the established Schedule are subject to re-location, adjustment of meters and rate or cancellation. 
    • FIL reserves the right to relocate or modify the stands according to the needs of the exhibition area, even if they have done their payments in time.
    • Companies that did not participate in the 2019 edition should send their stand application form and wait until June for a space proposal according to the availability of the requested stand.
    • The Organizing Committee might re-locate, cancel or make an adjustment of meters of companies that fail to pay in full by August 14, 2020.

    1.3 Failure to meet payment dates, EXHIBITORS must assume a rate change, relocation or cancellation of stand policies established at of our website or at the stand confirmation.

    1.4 In case the EXHIBITOR decides to cancel the STAND assigned by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or if the latter cancels due to incompliance by the EXHIBITOR, FIL refund the percentage shown at the following chart according to the date of the cancellation.

    Cancellation date Refund of the amount paid to the date
    Before June 15th 90%
    Between June 16th and July 1st 80%
    Between July 2nd and August 3rd 60%
    Between August 4th and September 2nd 30%
    Between September 3rd and December 6th No refund applies

    1.5 The EXHIBITOR may participate for five or nine days, according to the information provided in the application, and is obliged to comply with what is stated in said application. By no means will the EXHIBITOR stay longer than the specified dates nor will he leave earlier. Additionally, the EXHIBITOR must comply with the 9:00 to 21:00 fairground schedule (and until 23:00 hrs on Friday December 4th). In case the EXHIBITOR leaves before the specified dates, he will be penalized by cancellation or reassignment of space for the following edition of FIL.

    1.6 If the EXHIBITOR indicated 5-day participation in the application form, but wishes to change to 9 days, he has until August 14, 2020 to communicate it in writing. This change is subject to availability and may result in change of location.

    1.7 EXHIBITORS who apply for 5-day participation must set up STAND according to the schedule provided by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE and have it finished by Friday November 27th, 2020 no later than 20:30 hours. Furthermore, they are obliged to dismantle on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020 beginning at 21:00 and until 22:00. It is not allowed to withdraw exhibition material from the fairgrounds until after 21:00. In case the EXHIBITOR refuses to comply with the specified date for dismantling, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE has the right to remove any materials and make use of the stand.

    1.8 EXHIBITORS who apply for nine-day participation must set up STAND according to the schedule provided by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE and have it finished by Friday November 27, 2020 no later than 20:00 hours. Dismantling will be on Monday December 7, 2020 before 13:00 for 9 to 36 square meters and until 22:00 for spaces bigger than 36 square meters.

    1.9 All EXHIBITORS are obliged to begin and end their activities in compliance with the schedule and dates established by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. The entrance for all exhibitors will be 30 minutes before regular opening hours to the public (8:30 a.m.). The exhibitors must leave 20 minutes after regular opening hours (21:20).

    1.10 Under no circumstance are the EXHIBITORS authorized to transfer, totally or partially, or share the acquired rights of the assigned STAND to any third party without prior written consent of the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. In case an EXHIBITOR designates the stand operation to his distributor, he must notify the ORGANIZING COMMITE and let his distributor know and verify that only his company's products are sold. It is strictly prohibited to add products or materials different to those exhibited originally. In case of non-compliance the ORGANIZING COMMITE may decide to reallocate space in the next edition of FIL.

    1.11 It is absolutely forbidden for any two EXHIBITORS to combine their STANDS by taking down the materials used as dividers. If any maneuver is required you must request authorization from the Organizing Committee and wait for written confirmation.

    1.12 If the EXHIBITOR changes, increases or diversifies his publishing line, he shall notify in writing to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE and may not subdivide the exhibition space.

    1.13 The promotion and / or sale of products shall be made within the limits of the contracted space.

    1.14 Without exceptions, it is not permitted to present, exhibit, show, promote, sell, and / or introduce to the EXHIBITION CENTER publications, products, services or articles forbidden by Mexican Law and by the international treaties signed by Mexico, as well as publications and products promoting violence.

    1.15 EXHIBITORS can only present, display, show, promote and/or sell WORKS available at another STAND by presenting a letter of authorization from the publisher of said works. This rule will also apply to EXHIBITORS of products other than books. A title will not be considered to be repeated when, despite being the same PUBLISHED WORK, it is presented in a different language or physical format. Authorization Letters should be sent to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE before August 14.

    1.16 In case the EXHIBITOR is not the PUBLISHER of the PUBLISHED WORKS to be presented, exhibited, shown, promoted, and/or sold, he should attach to the application form a letter of authorization from each of the publishers to sell such WORKS at FIL. Space will not be confirmed until this requirement has been fulfilled.

    1.17 Any behavior by a PUBLISHER or its attending staff that goes against the morale or rules of good behavior, that is an affront to the prestige and the good name of FIL, or that constitute criminal behavior or a violation of the rights of third parties attending the EVENT will be sanctioned as determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE, without any liability to the latter.

    1.18 By signing the application form, the EXHIBITOR agrees to keep FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE safe from any responsibility in regards to any interruption, suspension or cancellation of the EVENT caused by unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure, acts of the federal and/or local authorities, acts of third parties, of EXPO GUADALAJARA or any other cause out of the control of FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. In case of interruption, suspension or cancellation of the EVENT, it is understood that FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE have fulfilled their full responsibilities towards the EXHIBITOR who waives his right to any reimbursement of any deposit or payment made to FIL and the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE.