By filling out and sending the application form to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE or making any payment for the right of use of a STAND, the future EXHIBITOR confirms the acceptance and the obligation to abide by these rules and to be fully aware of their contents.

  • Glossary of Terms
    1. General Rules
    2. The Exhibit Area
    3. Set Up, Installation, Maintenance, Dismantling, and Security
    4. Civil Liabilities
    5. Non-compliance

    Civil Liabilities

    4.1 The EXHIBITOR is responsible for obeying the applicable laws and regulations resulting from his activities during the EVENT. The EXHIBITOR will be solely responsible for paying any fine or responding to any sanction imposed for non-compliance.

    4.2 The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE reserves the right to make any necessary modifications to these regulations for the optimum development of the EVENT, as well as to publish and enforce any such modifications. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will not be responsible towards the EXHIBITORS for the effects of any unforeseen events or overriding circumstances that may impede the execution of any activity related to the EVENT or the EVENT itself.

    4.3 The conditions of the Contract for the STAND will be established in the document determined by the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE. These Regulations apply to all those who function as EXHIBITORS, even if the aforementioned document is not in writing.

    4.4 Any complaint or claim made by an EXHIBITOR must be in writing, and it must be submitted to the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE within ten days following the conclusion of the EVENT. The complaint or claim must be accompanied by any documentation necessary to substantiate it. The ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will to the best of its ability respond to any such claim or complaint within five working days, unless more time is required due to the nature of the claim or complaint. If the parts are not able to reconcile their differences, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE must settle the claim or complaint, and its resolutions will be definitive and not open to appeal.

    4.5 In all cases, mediation and conciliation will be the preferred mechanisms to settle controversies. If an agreement is not reached between the parts within the following ten days, they agree to abide to the jurisdiction and competence of the authorities of the City of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico. For legal effects, the legal address of FIL is the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco and the EXHIBITOR is obliged to file any complaint before the courts of this city.

    4.6 Receiving the application form from the EXHIBITOR states that the Exhibitor Regulations have been read and understood, and due acceptance without any reservation or condition.

    4.7 For any case not foreseen in these Regulations, the ORGANIZING COMMITTEE will decide the manner in which it will be resolved.