Creating readers

FIL Youth

In its constant search for readers, the Guadalajara International Book Fair created FIL Youth, a space designed for new generations to approach the authors that form part of the international literary platform.

Gatherings like One Thousand Young People with… and Echoes of FIL are the two programs included in this section.

One Thousand Young People with…

These sessions bring together a large public of mainly high school students with distinguished writers in order to talk, discuss, share and enjoy their experiences and readings.

Carlos Fuentes inaugurated the program in 1997 to a packed auditorium, where participants ended up sitting on the floor or remained standing next to the walls of the hall. That same year saw the beginning of the tradition of uniting young people with the winner of the now-called FIL Literary Award.


Echoes of FIL

Year after year, young students of the high schools of the University of Guadalajara system have the opportunity to gather in their own schools with writers visiting FIL. The purpose of these meetings is to foster the habit of reading among students through casual and friendly conversations with the authors of the works they will have access to later on, with the added motivation of meeting the creators.

Authors participating in Echoes of FIL go to facilities both in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, as well as to those around the state of Jalisco. It is fundamental to highlight the work of the teachers, as they are the sound box of these Echoes, they are who carry out the thorough labor of presenting the work of the authors that will visit them through their daily teachings in the classrooms.


For further information contact:

Coordinator of Young Adult Programming, Daniela Ascencio at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 937