FIL 2018 Press Accreditation Request Form

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  • At the desk you will receive an accreditation form that must be filled out completely in order for accreditation approval. If you wish, you may download the form here and present it at the desk.
  • In order to receive accreditation approval, it is necessary to show a valid press ID from the media represented stating that you are employee and must be signed by the editor or director.
  • Press accreditations are exclusively for members of the media and press contacts of the participating publishing houses.
  • The registration process at the desk is personal.
  • The press badge is a personal and non-transferable document. Its first issue is free of charge; badge replacement has a cost of 800.00 pesos.

Bloggers, student press and short print run publications welcome!

The Guadalajara International Book Fair welcomes bloggers with informative and cultural dissemination activities, student press representatives and publications with short print runs.


For further information contact:

Press Office and Publicity General coordinator, Mariño González at the phone number (52 33) 3810-0331, ext. 952