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India, Guest of Honor at the FIL Guadalajara in 2019

India’s participation as the Guadalajara International Book Fair’s guest of honor was officially announced today, participation that will include a broad sampling of the country’s culture and literature

The Benítez for Benito

“I am a journalist and I wear this hat with extreme pride,” says Beni-to Taibo, who will receive the 2018 National Homage to Cultural Journalism at FIL Guadalajara

Portugal will be a Beacon at the FIL Guadalajara

Over 40 writers, nine nights of music at the Foro FIL, a film series, three exhibitions, two theater productions, and concerts at other venues are all part of Portugal’s proposal for the Fair

María Osorio will receive the Publishing Merit Award

Babel Libros has housed a space dedicated to literature for children and young people since 2001, and today includes a book store, publishing house and library. “All editors should be more aware of what is going on in children’s literature”, she says.

Call for Nominations Begins for the 2018 FIL Literary Award

The award will be given at this year’s 32nd annual Guadalajara International Book Fair. Nominations will be accepted until July 20

The FIL Opens its Doors with an Accent on Madrid

This year’s opening ceremonies included the recognition of the career and work of writer Emmanuel Carrère and the announcement of the opening of the Casa de México in Madrid

Emmanuel Carrère: Winner of the 2017 FIL Literary Award

This French writer, journalist, screenwriter, critic and filmmaker “is the author of a versatile, broad and transversal body of work that has earned him vast and enthusiastic international distinction,” said the judging panel about the author of The Kin

European literature & the Guadalajara International Book Fair will celebrate Seven years of Reading

At this new edition, the European Literature Festival will have 10 authors, from Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and The Netherlands

Call for Nominations Begins for the 2017 FIL Literary Award

The award will be given at this year’s 31th annual Guadalajara International Book Fair. Nominations will be accepted until July 28

FIL Guadalajara: 30 Years of Telling Great Stories

For the FIL’s 30th year, more than 650 writers from 44 countries will be participating along withthought leaders, science professionals and important figures from the book industry and cultural sector. Latin America is the guest of honor

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