FIL Program

FIL 2016 Program

Awards and prizes FIL Literary Award in Romance Languages Bibliophile Tribute Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz Prize ArpaFIL Tribute Librarian Tribute National Fernando Benítez Tribute to Cultural Journalism Tribute to La Catrina Caricature Collaboration Prizes


Latin America, Guest of Honor Literary Program Shows at other venues Film Festival Visual Arts


FIL Literature Opening of the Literary Lounge Destinação Brasil European Literature Festival Annual International Storytellers Conference Formentor de las Letras Award 2016 Annual International Play-Writing Conference Tribute to Angelina Muñiz-Huberman Mario Vargas Llosa Biennial Novel Award The Pleasure of Reading Gala The Poetry Program Friends of the FIL Award 2016 Tribute to Camilo José Cela Fantastic Literature Roundtable To name Central America Conversation with the winner of the Gabriel García Márquez Hispanic American Short Story Award Literature of South Korea Contemporary Literature in Spain Literature of Galicia Zeruya Shalev, archaeologist of the soul Contemporary Literature from Quebec Senior Citizens’ Literary Activities


Forums and Conferences Annual International Humanist Conference International Cultural Policies Symposium El País Forum International Forum on Migration and Development Activities of Mexico City Government International Symposium on Cross-border Security Annual International Journalists’ Conference Annual International Play-Writing and Caricature Conference International Relations Seminar Arpa FIL Cultural Journalism Forum International Forum of TvMorfosis Television Annual International Conference on Interculturality


Presentaciones de libros


Presentaciones de libros para niños


Popular Science Writing Activities The Planets by Gustav Holst Building the bionic man: science to the service of the human body Letters and numbers: the alphabelts of the universe And where does music fits with science? Have we reached our planet's limits? International Colloquium on Scientific Culture Gravitational waves, particles accelerators and other every day matters International Colloquium on Astronomy


Academic Activities International Social Sciences Conference American Native Literatures Communication and Society Annual Culture and Nature Forum Information and Communication Technologies in the University of Guadalajara Seminar on Studies of the Region


Activities for Professionals International Forum of Publishers and Book Professionals (FIE) Reading Advocates Congress International Librarian Symposium Annual St. Jerome International Translation and Interpreting Conference FILustra Illustrators’ Program International Publishing Design Forum International University Publishing Forum Digital Edition Seminar Presentation of Translation Support Programs Altexto Meeting Eulac Meeting Annual Meeting of the Mexican Librarians Association (AMBAC) Literary Translation Workshop E-book Area Presentations Reading Encounter in Higher Education FIEUA Workshops National Library Award Evaluation and digital trends in Spain and Latin America


FIL for Young Adults Award Ceremony for the FIL Young Literary Creators Competition Video review Contest Award Somos booktubers. Somos lectores 2016 National Booktuber Meeting 2016 Award Ceremony for the Letters to the Author Competition Literary Costumes Contest Echoes of FIL


FIL niños Workshops from 3 to 6 years Workshops from 7 to 9 years Workshops from 10 to 12 years Music Dance Puppets Theatre Clown Narrators Movies Pantomime Special events


Special events Times of Science and Art Awards and Honors Ceremony for Talent and Creativity of University of Guadalajara Academics (StaudeG) Mar Adentro Debate


Book signing