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FIL Pensamiento Academic Program

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Each year the University Center of Social Sciences and Humanities organizes a series of academic activities that brings together today’s most distinguished professors and researchers from Mexico and abroad to reflect on current events and their social, economic, political and environmental context, as well as the impacts and consequences of these.

Over 15,000 people participate in the diverse range of activities organized each year, events which include a discussion on current events aimed at fostering dialog. Agnes Heller, Felipe González, Theotonio Dos Santos, Carlos Castresana, Juan Luis Cebrián, José Sarney, Luis González y González, Enrique Krauze, Pablo González Canasanova, Fidel Castro Díaz Balart, Miguel Ángel Granados Chapa, José Mujica, Pierre Salama, Gilles Lipovetsky, Alejandro Solalinde, Sergio Fajardo, just to name a few, have participated and contributed their ideas to this space.

The academic program is an extension of the ties between the Fair and the University of Guadalajara and has become one of the most important showcases for the reflection, analysis and development of knowledge in Latin America. The program includes around 30 forums on diverse topics in a range of formats, including seminars, keynote addresses, colloquiums, workshops and roundtables.