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FIL's institutional publications are important reference tools for professionals and exhibitors.
All catalogs have correct and updated information on each exhibitor and professional attending FIL 2024.


FIL General Events Program 2024

foto personas

  • Date of publication: November 2024
  • Print run: 120,000 ejemplares
  • Version: Spanish
  • Distribution: general public, visitors, attending professionals and exhibitors during the nine days of the Fair, in hotels close to Expo Guadalajara, tourist information booths and information booths at the fairgrounds.
  • Artwork delivery and payment deadline: September 30th, 2024
Full page in color
Format: 27cm x 39cm (pulgadas)**

más 5mm de rebase de cada lado. 

$ 40,000.00, + IVA, Mexican pesos
Half page in color
Format: 23cm x 17cm (pulgadas)

Sin rebases. 

$ 26,000.00, + IVA, Mexican pesos
Technical specifications:
  • Todos los textos convertidos a curvas
  • Format .PDF .JPG 300 dpi.
  • Perfil de color CMYK.
  • With a 5mm bleed on all sides for all full page ads in all publications
  • For technical questions, contact: Dania Guzmán, by e-mail:


Box Banner

foto personas

FIL’s website, with over 350,000 visitors throughout the year, is a space dedicated to the industry professionals where they can find all the relevant information for their visit to the Fair. On-line advertising, advertise with us.

Box Banner
Format: 360 x 188 pixeles

From October to december

$21,500.00, + IVA, Mexican pesos

Technical specifications:
  • 72 dpi JPG
  • RGB.
  • 30kb.


For further information contact:

Advertising, Food and Beverages coordinator, Mónica Rosete  at the phone number (+52) 33 3810 0331, ext. 954