Preregistration form - ALA free pass program

Submission deadline: September 27th, 2024

The ALA-FIL Free Pass program is available to all ALA-member acquisition or selection librarians, in particular those involved in Latin American collection development.

ALA-FIL Free Pass program will provide:

  • FIL 2024 registration fee
  • 3 nights of hotel accommodation in single occupancy or 5 nights in double occupancy.
  • $100 USD contribution for airfare, courtesy of ALA.
  • Additional $100 USD or $1800 Mexican pesos reimbursement towards airfare costs, courtesy of FIL (for the first 100 registrations who send their purchased ticket BEFORE October 4th)

Applicants to the Free Pass Program must be personal and current members of ALA. For ALA membership information, please contact: ALA International Relations Office, Delin Guerra by tel.: 1-800-545-2433, ext. 3201, e-mail:

Places are limited and subject to availability. FIL will confirm your support in writing. If you don’t receive this, contact us by e-mail

Personal information

Your library is

Please specify the type of the Hispanic community in your area

Please specify the budget you are authorized to spend annually for the purchase of Spanish language books

Please specify the Mexican and Latin American publishing companies you already work with

Please specify the Latin American and U.S. distributors you already work with

Hotel support

  • Hotel support is optional and consists of three hotel nights courtesy of FIL, from Friday November 29 to Wednesday December 04. Or five in double occupancy, from Saturday November 30 to Thursday December 05. It is subject to availability. Deadline for requesting hotel support is Saturday August 31.
  • Deadline for making changes to a reservation is Thursday September 05. To request changes, please write to Changes and additional nights are also subject to availability.
  • If for any reason you cancel after Thursday September 05, the hotel may charge one night to your credit card.
  • In case you do not arrive at the hotel on the day confirmed to FIL, the hotel will charge you one night as no show penalty and your reservation will be canceled.
  • By sending in the completed application form to FIL, you hereby accept all terms herein


Hotel regulations demand that your stay be guaranteed with a credit card, even if FIL covers the nights.

The information requested below is optional, and will be used for statistical purposes only and to send a letter to your supervisor, if desired. It will not affect the consideration of your application in any way.