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Libros al Gusto

Libros al Gusto
Libros al Gusto
El mito del dios del maíz

Participa: Enrique Florescano

Organiza: FIL Guadalajara

To understand the functioning of the social and natural world, the ancient civilizations of Mesoamerica developed explanations in which they gave divine qualities to the natural elements that provided the earthly sustenance.
Through expressions such as painting or ceramics, these myths have been reconstructed, the exploits of the ancient gods have been known and we can see how these deities change, evolve and multiply.
Helped by beautiful illustrations, Enrique Florescano explains the myth of the corn god in Mesoamerican antiquity, his transformation from plant to deity, and his survival in the current cults and myths of the indigenous peoples of Mexico and Central America.

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Sábado 24 de noviembre
18:00 a 18:50

Foro de Libros al Gusto,